TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

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Continuing to be a part of daily life. For a richer life.

TATSUTA has grown and developed as a manufacturer of wire and cable, contributing to a stable supply of electricity for the public. TATSUTA is now applying this technical base cultivated over the years to a range of exciting fields.

Starting with the equipment wires and cables indispensable for industrial robots, as well as the crucial wire components for semi-conductor packages, TATSUTA also supports various electronic products and water leak detection systems for computer and electrical equipment housing. We have also taken advantage of our independently developed technology to create TATSUTA’s original EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding film, used around the world in the field of electronic materials.

Towards a brighter future, we will continue evolving and developing, providing each industry with reliable technology.

  • Electric Wire and Cable

    TATSUTA’s high quality wires and
    cables bring us peace of mind, comfort, and convenience.

  • Equipment Wire and Cable

    Our independently developed
    high-strength cables contribute to high flexibility in the FA (factory automation) industry.

  • Functional Materials

    TATSUTA’s EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding film is used worldwide to protect smart phone and tablet terminals.

  • Bonding Wire

    TATSUTA’s excellent wire drawing technology meets the increasing needs for downsizing and high precision in semiconductor and electronic equipment.

  • Sensor & Medical Products

    These systems utilize our sensor technology to detect water leaks and human movement.

  • Photo-electronic Components

    TATSUTA applies its original optical fiber technology to explore the future in the medical and lighting industries.

  • Environmental Analysis

    From the analysis of water quality to various dioxins, TATSUTA provides a variety of comprehensive analytical technologies.

This is where you will find TATSUTA Wire and Cable products hard at work in everyday life.

  • For electric appliances and cars
    • Smart phones
    • Tablet PCs
    • Cars / Electric Vehicles
    • Cameras / Digital cameras
    • Computers
    • Liquid crystal displays
  • For social infrastructure
    • Electricity
    • Railroads
    • Buildings
    • Plants
    • Optical networks
    • Power plants
  • For medical and research institutions
    • (Medical) Testing equipment
    • (Mfg Plant) Measurement instruments
    • (University) Advanced fields of study
  • For vending machines and industrial robots
    • Vending machines
    • Sensor manufacturers
    • Robot manufacturers