TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Business Units

Electric Wire and Cable

TATSUTA’s high quality wires and cables bring us peace of mind, comfort, and convenience.
Pushing forward with development of new products that utilize knowhow cultivated over long years of experience.

TATSUTA electric wires and cables have found a wide range of usage in businesses such as power plants, electric railways, automobiles, construction, electrical equipment and more. Earning high marks from overseas customers, TATSUTA has also developed new products with a higher value added than conventional items, including a new, more highly termite resistant cable made with a new termite resistant material and, in an effort to make wiring work easier, high frequency induction heating lead wires with a flat shape.


Product Information

Electric wire and cable
  • Electric wire and cable for power distribution
  • Electric wire and cable for equipment and machinery
  • Electric wires and cables for nuclear power plants
Industrial wire and cable
  • Electric wire and cable for railways and vehicles
  • Telecommunications and instrumentation cable
  • Insect-resistant cable