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Sensor & Medical Products

Used to detect liquid leakage and human movement,
TATSUTA’s sensor technology provides safety and peace of mind.

Sensor technology plays an essential role in protecting precious properties against water leakage. This technology is used for not only buildings or manufacturing plants, but also in an area gaining attention recently, the many data centers handling IoT and Big Data. TATSUTA continues to create new sensing technology based on our unique, basic technology of compounding.


Product Information

Water leakage detection sensor
Even the smallest amount of water leakage is rapidly detected, activating an alarm without fail

As a long selling product popular with many users since it went on sale 30 years ago, this basic product uses TATSUTA’s core technology in water leakage, immediately detecting a leak and activating an alarm. In recent years, this system is often used for computer and electrical equipment rooms in buildings and for vending machines.

Water leakage detection system
Because it pinpoints the location of the leakage,
immediate action can be taken

Water leak location is electronically measured and digitally displayed at units of 1 meter. Furthermore, when a water leak occurs, the sensor uses a colored display, making an on-site visual confirmation easy and making it possible to identify the location of the leak more quickly.

Water (chemical) leakage detection system
Rapid detection of even a minute leakage of liquid

The liquid leakage sensor rapidly detects liquid leakage in such areas as chemical storage areas and chemical tanks, activating an alarm should a leak occur. Not only at chemical plants, these sensors also play a valuable role in leak detection at hospital facilities.

Water leakage sheet
Development of a multi-functional sheet for
functional film applications

New products are being developed by applying individual technologies for electronic circuit boards and EMI shielding film and through collaboration with other companies regarding various sensors.

Intruder Monitoring System (Pressure detection sensor)
Crime prevention sensor inspired by
cable design technology

TATSUTA’s intruder monitoring system integrates a cord shaped pressure sensitive switch sensor (pressure detection sensor) which is capable of detection from any direction, while also including a fence and fixed rail. The aesthetically designed fence is an effective threat to intruders and combined with the concealment of the invasion warning sensor, prevents false alarms. The alarm equipment can be built to fit the environment of the grounds where it is used.

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