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Assembly / Wire harness

  • With our full range of cable and connector processing capabilities from design to manufacture, TATSUTA can provide high quality products at low cost.
  • Each product is assigned a lot number for optimal traceability.
  • TATSUTA offers mold forming for connector terminal processing and can also make coupler covers, boots, and others.
Assembly / Wire harness

With Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable’s flexible approach, we are able to propose customized solutions to customer requests, including full service from design to assembly and wire harness and the full quality guarantee for this.

Validation testing

Validation testing is carried out on test equipment like the horizontal 90 degree flex tester and the cableveyor, under test parameters (flex range, speed, stroke length, etc.) which closely approximate actual operating conditions, which can be changed sequentially.
Because this testing is not restricted to basic movements, but is also carried out under conditions similar to the actual processing environment, error can be minimized.

Validation testing
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