Our independently developed high-strength cable is
a valuable contribution to high level factory automation (FA).
With its outstanding flex durability, high-strength cable is at the heart of
TATSUTA’s product portfolio for industrial uses.

TATSUTA manufactures cable using an independently developed special high-strength copper alloy wire. While maintaining high conductivity, this wire boasts a tensile strength and repetitive bending strength twice that of general alloy wire and its superior flex durability ensures long life. TATSUTA is able to customize proposals for industrial robots, as well as any of a variety of scenarios where flexible cable is needed.


*  On January 1, 2019, TATSUTA ELECTRIC WIRE AND CABLE CO., LTD. transferred and assigned its business of manufacturing and selling appliance cable related products that use high-strength copper alloy to its wholly owned subsidiary, Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable Co., Ltd.