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Bonding Wire

With our excellent wire drawing technology, TATSUTA’s Bonding Wire business unit answers the trend towards smaller and more precise semi-conductors and electronic products.
Responding to the needs of our times, TATSUTA produces wire crucial to the structure of semiconductors.

Bonding wire is an integral part of the semiconductor package structure. TATSUTA takes advantage of its long years of experience in copper wire drawing technology to provide cost effective solutions for the mainstream copper, gold and silver bonding wire needs of recent years. However, TATSUTA does not stop there, as we work to create new, groundbreaking products that will contribute to the growth and development in electronics over a broad spectrum.


Product Information

In addition to the TATSUTA technology in copper wire drawing and alloying cultivated over long years of experience, TATSUTA also provides a wide range of gold, silver and copper products. Can be customized for different applications.

  • * Certified ISO9001:JQA-0680 / ISO14001:JQA-EM0606
  • * We produce our bonding wires only after confirming with material suppliers that the supplied materials do not contain any conflict
    minerals—tantalum [Ta], tungsten [W], tin [Sn], and gold [Au], which are sources of funding for armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and surrounding areas.
Gold Wire / Gold Bumping Wire
Microsize wire technology to fight rising gold prices

TATSUTA has been proudly manufacturing semiconductor gold wire for 30 years. Thanks to the quick response of TATSUTA’s sales and manufacturing team and our precision engineering service, leading Japanese manufacturers prefer our gold wire, using it in a diverse range of electronic devices.

Silver Wire
Bonding Wire Designed to Take Advantage of the Unique Characteristics of Silver

The IC and LED markets have dramatically increased their use of silver wire in recent years. Silver wire helps increase light intensity in LED applications and this has created rising expectations for its future.

Copper Wire
Cost saving alternative to gold wire

The recent sharp rise in gold prices has led to a full-scale spread of lower cost copper wire, mainly outside of Japan. TATSUTA has taken on the challenge of developing copper wire for increasingly sophisticated and complicated applications. Mainly in automotive applications, use of TATSUTA copper wire is growing, from small pin count discrete packaging to high pin count ICs.

Palladium - Copper Wire
New wire grade with the advantages of both gold and copper

Palladium coated copper wire is a new grade which is lower in cost than gold wire and allows a broader range of production control.

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