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Visible wavelength fiber optic devices

In the area of fiber optic devices, TATSUTA offers visible wavelength division multiplexers and branching devices.
This lineup includes a wide range of types including RGB combiners, branching devices, WDM (wavelength division multiplexing), an multiple branching.

RGB combiners

This is a visible wavelength combination device that combines the wavelengths of the three primary colors of light: red (R), green (G), and blue (B) in a single common fiber.

Special characteristics (fiber only model)
  • Can separate the light (heat) source portion and the light emission portion
  • RGB wavelengths are evenly mixed within the optic fiber, resulting in high quality beam transmission
  • The optic axis does not shift regardless of vibration or other external disturbance, ensuring high reliability
TATSUTA can handle individual specifications (prototypes)
  • Possible to attach a semiconductor laser at the inlet port
  • Possible to attach a collimator lens at the outlet port
  • Combined wavelengths of 4 or more possible for the multi-mode fiber model

Optic Fiber Coupler

TATSUTA is able to provide a division multiplexer / branching fiber optic device tailored to the customer’s designations.
Because it is optic fiber only, it is highly reliable and easy to use. Products are made to order, allowing TATSUTA to handle requests for individual specifications.

Description view
Optic fiber coupler principle

While multiple optic fibers are flame fused, they are stretch tapered so that light bled from the core is split and combined between optic fibers.
Based on the joining method, various splitting and combining ratios and various wavelength division multiplexing and branching are possible.

Special features of TATSUTA Wire and Cable
  • Couplers can be made ranging from 400 to 2,200nm.
  • Couplers can be made from various different optic fibers (SMF, PMF, MMF (SI, GI) and others.
  • TATSUTA is able to respond to your needs, from small volume prototyping to mass production.
  • TATSUTA also provides fiber optic modules by adding other mechanical components to the coupler.

FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating)

An FBG acts as a wavelength-selective reflective filter by periodically modulating the refractive index in the optical fiber core.

  • A wide range of FBG devices are available from 450 to 2,200nm.
  • It is possible to store data on the SMF, PMF and a portion of the DCF.
  • A thermal FBG package is also available.
  • TATSUTA can handle individual specifications.
  • Prototypes can be made starting with single strands.

Structure / Specifications

FBG Structure / Specifications image
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