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for FPC applications

EMI shielding film for OSP (organic surface preservative) treated FPC applications SF-PC®5600-C


SF-PC5600 is synonymous with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding films used all over the world. This standard product with the basic functions of an EMI shielding film is usable for organic solderability preservative (OSP) treatment and is certified by UL.


  • Can be used with OSP treatment
  • Thin Type (total thickness 15μm)
  • Superior sliding and flexibility

Registered UL component

UL94 V-0 (combined with Kapton 50H) Kapton is a registered trademark of Dupont, a US company

Environmental regulation compliance

UL94 flame class V-0
Environmental regulations Halogen-free, RoHS Directive, lead free solder reflow

Protective films for the adhesive layer are available as an option.

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