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EMI shielding film, Ultra thin type, 8μm for FPC applications SF-PC®5900-C


SF-PC5900-C realized an EMI shielding film with an ultra-thin thickness of 8µm. Moreover, the product withstands more than one million sliding/bending cycles with a bending radius of 0.65mm under a wide range of temperatures between -20°C and +60°C. In addition, it is halogen-free but highly flame-retardant, achieving the combustion class of UL94 VTM-0 (registered). This ultra-thin film retains the same basic features of SF-PC5600, its predecessor, such as EMI shielding performance and workability with flexible printed circuits (FPCs). We realized a thinner and lighter product to meet the requirements of mobile terminal applications.


  • Ultra thin body with 8μm thickness
  • High sliding and flexibility in wide temperature range
  • Can be used with OSP treatment

Registered UL component

UL94 VTM-0 (combined with Kapton 50H) Kapton is a registered trademark of Dupont, a US company

Environmental regulation compliance

UL94 flame class VTM-0
Environmental regulations Halogen-free, RoHS Directive, lead free solder reflow

Protective films for the adhesive layer are available as an option.

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