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EMI shielding film for multi-layer FPC applications (step structure) SF-PC®6000-U1/U1N


SF-PC6000-U1 is an EMI shielding film with improved embedding/sealing capacity against irregular surfaces of substrates (such as rigid-flexible substrates and multi-layer FPCs). Recently, rigid-flexible substrates with a height difference of 150µm or more between the rigid components and the FPC components have been increasing.
We developed the SF-PC5500 series to address such height difference. As a new grade better addressing the variations of the accuracy and control range of the processing machines, we newly commercialized SF-PC6000-U1. While retaining the features of the SF-PC5500 series, this new series of EMI shielding films addresses a height difference exceeding 300µm.


  • Good conformability to a level difference like high height difference between a flexible circuit board and a rigid board.
  • Easily removed transfer film improves workability (U1N)

Registered UL component

UL94 VTM-0 (combined with Kapton 50H) Kapton is a registered trademark of Dupont, a US company

Environmental regulation compliance

UL94 flame class VTM-0
Environmental regulations Halogen-free, RoHS Directive, lead free solder reflow

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