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Free grounding film for shielding film FGF®-500


FGF-500 is an auxiliary material used to form ground electrodes on the surface of our EMI shielding films for FPCs by connecting to the frame ground or chassis ground via a gasket or the like. Using FGF-500 increases the design freedom and enables higher density.


  • Ensures grounding connection at a location on the shielding film of the user’s discretion
  • Enables even higher density wiring on circuit board
  • Makes it possible to use a multilayer structure in the grounding connection area (total thickness 12µm)

Registered UL component

UL94 V-0 (combined with Kapton 50H) Kapton is a registered trademark of Dupont, a US company

Environmental regulation compliance

UL94 flame class V-0
Environmental regulations Halogen-free, RoHS Directive, lead free solder reflow

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