TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

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Message from the President

TATSUTA, an organization characterized by its highly unique research and development efforts, will explore the frontiers of electric wires and electronic materials with the aim of becoming not only a top supplier providing highly advanced and niche products but also a socially reliable corporate group.
Hirohito Miyashita Hirohito Miyashita, President

I am Hirohito Miyashita. I became president of TATSUTA Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. in June 2019.

Since its founding, TATSUTA has long been in the electric wire and cable business. In 2017, seventy years after the Company began operations, we publicized our 2025 long-term vision, which was formulated with an eye toward enhancing our corporate value. Feeling great responsibility as the president of a company with a history of more than 70 years, I will do everything in my power to help fulfill our long-term vision, which was established under the leadership of Mr. Tonoike, former Company president. In this regard, I ask for continued support from our stakeholders.

Under its basic corporate policy, continuing to pursue its core businesses of electric wire & cable and electronic materials, the TATSUTA Group will also develop next-generation businesses. The Group will also promote a consolidated management that is both highly conscientious and transparent to ensure sustainable growth and will improve its medium-to-long-term corporate value. At the same time, the Group will give consideration to environmental problems while providing unique products and services that meet customer needs, thus contributing to society’s sustainable development.

TATSUTA currently engages in the following businesses: Electric Wire and Cable (supplying high-performance, high-quality electric wires and cables as well as special electric wire and cable products that employ materials developed by the Group; Functional Materials (supplying EMI shielding films, conductive pastes, etc. used for circuit boards); Equipment Wire and Cable (supplying highly flexible electric cables and other products for industrial robots); Bonding Wire (supplying bonding wires and other products for semiconductor packaging applications); Sensor & Medical Products (supplying water leakage detection systems and other products); Photo-electronic Components (supplying fiber optic couplers and other products); and Environmental Analysis (analyzing water, air, soil, harmful substances, etc.)

Engaging in these businesses, TATSUTA has developed a wide variety of technologies related to electrical conductors and insulators, built excellent facilities suitable for producing a broad range of products in small quantities, and cultivated a corporate culture that puts top priority on its customers and on developing leading-edge technologies and products that meet their needs.

Exploiting these strengths, TATSUTA, an R&D-oriented organization, will continue exploring the frontiers of electric wires and electronic materials. The Group will also focus on research and development of components and materials used for IoT, robotics, vehicle-borne equipment, medical equipment, and other types of equipment, for which needs are growing, but are becoming segmented and ever more sophisticated. TATSUTA aims to become not only a top supplier providing many unique, highly advanced, and niche products but also a socially reliable corporate group.