TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

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Message from the President

As a firm that values our high degree of original research and development, TATSUTA makes sincere efforts to meet the demands of our customers, offering them innovation and reliability in our products.
代表取締役社長 外池 廉太郎

Since its founding, TATSUTA Group’s work in the electric wire and cable business has spanned long years of dedication and perseverance. Now, we find ourselves ready, both here in Japan and overseas, to roll out a wide range of businesses based on technology in the conduction of electricity and insulation technology that we have cultivated over these many years.

We have been engaged in our core business of telecommunications wire and cable for infrastructure since our founding, and along with supplying high performance, high quality wire and cable to companies in electric power and railroads, we also provide special wire and cable products that apply our independently developed materials.

Our Functional Materials business is a large part of our earnings and has grown to become a new core business for us, providing our customers with Mobile device EMI shielding film and metallic paste. The EMI shielding film in particular has earned high marks from Mobile device manufacturers around the world, resulting in an overwhelming share of the market.

In addition to these businesses, we have also moved forward in other areas, taking advantage of our independently developed alloys in our Equipment Wire and Cable business to supply a lineup of amazingly flexible electric cables and other products for industrial robots, as well as supplying bonding wire for semiconductor packaging applications in our Bonding Wire business, water leakage detection systems and others for use in such places as computer rooms in our Equipment Systems business, such products as fiber optic couplers in our Fiber Optic Components business, and the analysis of water, air, soil and harmful substances in our Environmental Analysis business.

In all of these businesses, we have grown and developed through the teamwork of TATSUTA Group’s sales and engineering, and our sales and manufacturing plants are working together to listen to the requests of our customers and develop products that will meet their needs. We expect further growth as we strive to enhance our technical capabilities and develop the skills of our workforce.

As a corporation with a high degree of original research and development, the TATSUTA Electric Wire and Cable Group will look to the future as we continue with our sincere efforts to meet the demands of our customers by striving to create the innovative and reliable products that only TATSUTA can.