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Based on our experience and achievements accumulated over many years, we provide a variety of analysis menus and flexibly support the business activities of our customers.

One of our group companies, TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center, not only analyzes and measures water quality, air pollution, soil contamination, working environment, noise and vibration, but also provides various menus, such as analysis of hazardous substances, including asbestos, dioxins, and PCBs, RoHS, and causes of product failures and defects.

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Various analysis menu

TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center

With its analysis technology, TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center, a member of the TATSUTA Group, will continue to protect our invaluable natural world, and create living environments in the form of healthy, enjoyable communities that we will be proud to hand down to our children.

  • Rapid turnaround time for analysis
    Rapid turnaround time for analysis

    We pursue and accomplish short delivery times for all analytical services, allowing customers to know the results as soon as possible and promptly decide the next course of action based on the results.
    Trace PCB analysis: same day
    Dioxin analysis: 2 business days
    Soil and industrial waste analysis: 3 business days Other analysis

  • Quick performance of reliable analysis
    Dioxin analysis
    Dioxin analysis
    The analysis of extremely toxic dioxins requires advanced ultra-trace analysis technology and a accuracy control system to ensure high qualityTatsuta Environmental Analysis Center has introduced the latest equipment and technology to improve its capabilities and achieve analysis in as little as two days.
  • One-stop service covering everything
    from soil contamination surveys to remediation
    Soil contamination surveys and analysis
    Soil contamination surveys and analysis
    Soil contamination surveys determine the status of soil contamination caused by specific hazardous substances that have permeated the ground of factories and other business establishments. We provide one-stop services for soil contamination surveys based on the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act, including soil history investigations, soil analysis, and soil remediation.
  • One-stop solution
    for work
    environment management
    Working environment measurement
    Working environment measurement
    In indoor workplaces where hazardous substances subject to regulations such as the Industrial Safety and Health Act are manufactured or handled, it is necessary to measure and evaluate the working environment on a regular basis and make appropriate improvements based on the results. Tatsuta Environmental Analysis Center provides a one-stop service for working environment management, including evaluation and improvement.
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