ESG Environmental Report

Environmental Vision

Help conserve the global environment by practicing
manufacturing and providing
eco-conscious products and services
To make the Environmental Vision a reality, the TATSUTA Group has established the Quality and Environment Policy.
Guided by the policy, we seek to achieve carbon neutrality by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026, reducing the
environmental impact of products and services, and promoting recycling and energy saving, among other initiatives.

Environmental management structures

At the TATSUTA Group, under the “Quality and Environmental Policy,” we have established the structures described below to work on environmental issues across the entire group. The Top Management Committee, chaired by the President of Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable, meets twice a year to check the status of operation of the environmental management system and to formulate and review environmental policies. Environmental conservation activities are driven mainly by the Environmental Management Promotion Committee under the supervision of the personnel responsible for environmental management, and activities are carried out at each operational site in accordance with the environmental targets and policies.

Organization, etc. Members Main roles
Top Management Committee President of TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable, Presidents of Group companies in Japan, General Managers, etc., and Environmental Management Administrator
  • Determine basic EMS matters
  • Check and review EMS operating status
  • Establish and review Environment Policy and approve environmental targets
Environmental Management Promotion Committee Personnel responsible for environmental management and Personnel responsible for environmental management promotion
  • Maintain EMS and assess the status of operation
  • Establish, review, and manage environmental targets
Districts, offices, etc. Personnel responsible for environmental management promotion
  • Establish and implement action plans for each division to reduce environmental impact
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