ESG Materiality Items/
Response to TCFD

Materiality Items (Key Sustainability Issues)

The TATSUTA Group pursues higher corporate value through sustainability
management, and has identified
“materiality items (key sustainability issues)”
with the aim of achieving the sustainable development of our businesses and society.

Materiality Identification Process

In 2020, we launched the ESG Committee to oversee all sustainability activities and identified the TATSUTA Group’s materiality items (key sustainability issues). We will continue to regularly validate and update these materiality items.

Diagram of materiality identification process

Sustainability Promotion System

The TATSUTA Group has established an ESG Committee chaired by the President & Representative Director to promote sustainability management across the Group. The ESG Committee is positioned alongside the Board of Managing Officers and Internal Control Committee as a meeting body under the direct control of the President & Representative Director. The Administration and Human Resources Department and Corporate Planning and Coordination Department, which act as the Committee’s secretariat, coordinate with the various business divisions by setting sustainability targets, monitoring their progress, and evaluating achievements.

Diagram of sustainability promotion system

Materiality-based initiatives and related SDGs

Table of materiality-based initiatives and related SDGs

FY2022 Materiality Items KPIs Results

FY2022 Materiality Items KPIs Results is here.

Response to TCFD

TATSUTA declared its support for the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in March 2022. We conduct scenario analysis based on the TCFD approach, identify risks and opportunities for our business activities, and work to reflect these in our management strategy. We have been actively pursuing a range of initiatives to drive carbon neutrality, provide environmentally friendly products and services, and promote recycling and energy saving, among other initiatives, based on a recognition that the sustainable development of society is fundamental for the sustainable growth of the Group.

TATSUTA’s Initiatives to Address the TCFD Recommendations102KB
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