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Established in 1945 as a company specializing in electric wires and cables, TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable initially manufactured power supply/distribution and telecommunication cables, widely contributing to the building of infrastructure during Japan’s high-growth period. TATSUTA also developed optical cables and supported the growth of optical networks by offering product lineups with unique features. TATSUTA then undertook the manufacture and sale of products related to electronics, and in 1984 commenced operation of its production plant for bonding wire, which has been one of its core products ever since.
As a result of diligent R&D efforts, TATSUTA has brought to the market numerous electronic materials and optical components, such as fiber optic couplers and EMI shielding film, which was launched in 2000. This product achieved significant sales worldwide with the market growth of cell phones, especially smart phones. TATSUTA operates seven business sectors, including the Sensor and Medical Business, applying the company’s unique optical technology to various fields so as to contribute to society and broaden our rich potential.

1945 Company established
1947 Began manufacture and sale of electric wire and cable
1950 Established TATSUTA Valve Co., Ltd (current Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.)
1953 Completed Wakae Works (current Osaka Works)1
1 Panoramic view of the Wakae Works (around 1953)
Panoramic view of the Wakae
Works (around 1953)
1954 Listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange
1955 Began manufacture and sale of telecommunications wire and cable
1961 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1975 Established 3T Services Co., Ltd. (current TATSUTA Welfare Services Co., Ltd.)
1976 Completed Fukuchiyama Works (current Kyoto Works)2
2 Fukuchiyama Works under construction(current Kyoto Works)
Fukuchiyama Works under construction(current Kyoto Works)
1979 Established TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Analysis Center Co., Ltd. (current TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center Co., Ltd.)
1981 Began manufacture and sale of water leakage detection system
1984 Began manufacture and sale of bonding wire
1987 Began manufacture and sale of polymer type copper conductive paste
1989 Began manufacture and sale of the KORIKI high strength copper alloy cable (for the factory automation industry)
1996 Telecommunications Division acquired ISO9001 certification
1997 Began manufacture and sale of fiber optic couplers
1998 Electric Wire and Cable Division acquired ISO9001 certification
1999 Telecommunications Division acquired ISO14001 certification
2000 Began sale of EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding film
2001 Fiber Optic Components Division acquired ISO9001 certification
  • Acquired ISO14001 certification for the Osaka area
  • Joined Sumiden Hitachi Cable Limited (HS&T) business conducting electric wire and cable projects for construction and electric installation markets3
3 Joined HS & T (2002)
Joined HS & T (2002)
2003 Began in-house production of EMI shielding film
2011 Established Changzhou TATSUTA Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. (China)
2012 Established TATSUTA Electronic Materials Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  • Completed the TATSUTA Technical Center4
  • Osaka Stock Exchange discontinued (merged with Tokyo Stock Exchange)
4 TATSUTA Technical Center completed (2013)<
TATSUTA Technical Center
completed (2013)
2014 Acquired Tachii Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
  • Established TATSUTA USA, Inc. (USA)
  • System Electronics division headquarters acquired ISO 13485 for the medical equipment field
  • Completed Sendai Works5
5 Sendai Works completed(2015)
Sendai Works
  • Established Shanghai TATSUTA Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Functional Film Division acquired ISO22301 (Business Continuity Management System)
  • Acquired 3rd Class Medical Device Manufacturing and Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) Certificate
  • Transferred and assigned its business of manufacturing/selling appliance wire/cable related products that use high-strength copper alloy to its wholly owned subsidiary, Tachii Electric Wire Co., Ltd.
  • Tachii Electric Wire Co., Ltd. was renamed Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable Co., Ltd.