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Total sales in FY2023 and the sales by segment

64.1 As of March 31, 2024
  • Electric wire and cable business segment


    • Infrastructure Wire
    • Industrial Equipment Wire
  • Electronic materials business segment


    • Functional films
    • Functional paste
    • Bonding wires
  • Other business segment


    • Sensors
    • Medical device materials
    • Environmental analysis


Company profile video
Company profile video

Utilizing the core technologies cultivated in electric wire manufacturing, we developed conductive pastes as electronic materials. Later, we developed the world’s first EMI shielding film, which is indispensable for mobile devices such as smartphones, and won an overwhelming global market share with this product.
Today, we are applying our core technologies to various fields to enter the businesses of semiconductors, medical devices and sensors. We will continue to grow as one of the deep tech companies.

  • Electric wire and cable business

    Electric wire and cable business We provide a wide range of wires and cables including power cables used in buildings and houses, cables for robots, and industrial cables used in railways and plants.

  • Electronic material business

    Electronic material business We supply functional films commonly used in mobile devices, and functional pastes with increasing demand among the semiconductor industry.

  • Other businesses

    Other businesses We are also involved in the manufacture and sales of water leakage sensors, medical tubes, and optical components as well as providing environmental analysis services.


You can discover the TATSUTA products in numerous industrial fields, this is our strength.

Electric wires and cables
Since our establishment in 1945, we have manufactured and supplied high quality power cables, robot cables, industrial cables, etc. We support the development of society from various aspects.
  • 1Power plants
    Electric cables for nuclear power plants

    A power plant is a source of electricity. We manufacture reliable power cables used in power plants that generate electricity ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of volts.

  • 2Power distribution cables
    Electric wires and cables for power distribution

    We have various scales of general power distribution wires and cables that transmit electricity from substations to service wire receptacles in houses, buildings, and factories.

  • 3Solar power plants
    Cables for PV systems

    The use of renewable energy continues to expand. We supply power cables used in industrial photovoltaic power plants that are being built in various regions.

  • 4Railways
    Electric wires for railway facilities and railway vehicles

    Railways are an indispensable means of transportation. TATSUTA is one of the few companies that can meet the high technical requirements with its railway wires and cables.

  • 5Factories

    Robots are indispensable for FA. We deliver KORIKITM high-strength cables that support their precise movements and the cables that control the movement of large cranes installed in steelworks.

    Multi-standard cables
    Multi-standard cables
    (automobile manufacturing equipment/semiconductor manufacturing equipment)
    Rubber cabtire cables
    Rubber cabtire cables
    (for large robots)
    KORIKITM high-strength cables (for FA and robots)
    KORIKITM high-strength cables (for FA and robots)
  • 6Concert halls (audio equipment)

    We deliver high-quality cables for professional video and audio equipment including broadcasting equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, and audiovisual systems.

    Digital audio cables
    Digital audio cables
    Cables for video equipment
    Cables for video equipment
Automobiles (electric vehicles)
As one of our new approaches, we provide various electronic materials that deliver high added value in the automobile field, where IoT is advancing especially in electric vehicles. We have high expectations for its future development.
Electronic mobile
devices(5G compatible)
The functional films we developed are indispensable materials for smartphones and tablets and used in many models produced by major global manufacturers.


The TATSUTA Group 2025 Long-term Vision

TATSUTA will open the new frontiers of electric wires and electronic materials to become
a top supplier providing highly advanced, unique and niche components and materials.

Business Development
  • For-profit businesses
    Infrastructure Wire Business
    • Electric wire and cable business
    • Domestic equipment wire and cable business
    Electronic materials business
    • Functional films business
    • Bonding wire business
    Other businesses
    • Sensor business
    • Environmental analysis business

    Promote investment to help enhance efficiency and enhance product groups that meet customer needs to pursue the optimization of profit earning

  • For-growth businesses
    Electronic materials business
    • Functional paste business
    Other businesses
    • Medical equipment materials business

    Actively implement investment in business development, production increases, etc. to pursue greater scale and expand revenue.

  • Mid-to-long-term development businesses
    Electric wire and cable business
    • Overseas equipment wire and cable business

    Focus on establishing the business foundation at present, and pursue greater scale and expanded revenue in the future.

FY2025 target

We aim for sales of 100 billion yen and operating profit of 10 billion yen while maintaining a high earnings ratio.

FY2025 target graph FY2025 target graph
  • Sales
    100billion yen
  • Operating profit
    10billion yen