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Our functional pastes have been developed by metal and resin formulation technology, supporting the evolution of electronics.

Our functional pastes are widely used in home electronics, mobile devices with increasing functionality, and electronic devices for automotive industries that require high reliability. We continue to develop functional pastes which are indispensable materials supporting the development of electronics.

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Providing a wide variety of pastes
to meet the needs of all customers

  • Via filling paste [Metalizing type]

    Via filling paste [Metalizing type]

    Developed with blending special low and high melting point metal particles, "Metalizing paste" forms intermetallic layers with electrodes by heating, which exhibits high connection reliability. With its excellent heat resistance and heat cycle properties, the products are widely used for interlayer connection for high-speed data transmission PWBs and semiconductor substrates.

  • Via filling paste [Metal contacting conductive type]

    Via filling paste [Metal contacting conductive type]

    Electrically stable conductivity is achieved by applying a special treatment to the surface of metal particles. This series does not contain solvents, enabling void-less filling. The high thermal conductivities of the products are originated from high loading of metal particles with the proven track record as one of the heat-releasing materials, the pastes are widely used for high-density PWBs and high-speed communication substrates.

  • SMT paste

    SMT paste

    Cured at low temperature, the pastes are attached electronic components to various surfaces of materials such as plastic moldings. Unlike solder, the products do not re-melt, realizing high heat resistance that withstand multiple heat histories.

  • Circuitry paste

    Circuitry paste

    Our low temperature cure-able pastes adhere well to low-heat-resistant materials such as LCP, PET and PEN. By screen printing with the pastes, fine patterning is easily made and antennas can be drawn on various surfaces.

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