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We realize safer and more reliable power supply with our high-quality electric wires and cables.

Our technical capabilities accumulated through the development, manufacture, and sales of electric wires and cables over many years have gained the trust of customers in the fields of power plants and electric railways. We also provide our products to many other new fields, such as construction and electrical machinery. In addition, in recent years, we have also provided a variety of unique products inspired by individual customer needs.

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Original products inspired by customer needs

  • Anti-insect cable developed
    by studying insects

    Semi Tough(Optical Drop Cable)
    せみタフ!(Semi Tough)(optical drop cable)
    TATSUTA studied the characteristics of cicadas for three years, developed a unique urethane sheath, and contributed to the reduction of breakage accidents of optical fibers caused by black cicadas. The shock- and wear-resistant cable has excellent low-friction properties and high workability.
  • Newly developed material that prevents
    damage from termite teeth

    Ari Tough(Anti-ant Cable)
    ありタフ(Ari Tough)(anti-termit cable)
    TATSUTA in cooperation with university research institutes conducted field trials and developed this cable. The cable adopted a high-density polyolefin jacket featuring good anti-termite properties, in addition to excellent cost and delivery time.
  • Ideal for wiring in narrow spaces
    such as data centers

    Karumage for wiring in narrow spaces such as between electrical boards(KM-CC)
    かるまげ(Karu Mage)(KM-CC), for wiring in narrow space, such as between panels
    This very easy-to-bend cable focuses on workability for wiring in narrow spaces such as cubicles. Adopting a thin wire configuration for the conductor, this product has a bending radius of 4D (more than 4 times the finished outer diameter), contributing to space-saving of inner panel wiring.
  • Material development technology
    contributing to cost reduction

    Netsu Tough 115((S)HKIV)
    ネツタフ115(Netsu Tough 115)((S)HKIV)
    TATSUTA has developed a new appliance wiring material with special heat-resistant PVC insulation, featuring a conductor with maximum allowable temperature of 115°C. Customers can reduce the thickness for a size according to their installation conditions, and thus lower their cost. A variety of colors is available.
  • Low-friction performance contributing
    to improved workability

    Low-friction cable
    Low-friction cable
    Wiring tension is reduced by up to 80% compared to our conventional products. It is possible to eliminate wiring lubricants, extend the wiring span, and reduce the number of manholes.
  • Quick identification of
    leaked acid location

    Docosan Mihar(acid leakage sensor with position detection function)
    ドコサンミハール(Doko San Miharu)(acid leakage location detection sensor)
    The sensor enables the detection of acid leakage with its location in difficult-to-see places and protects your workplace from hazardous acid.
  • Easy-to-wire coaxial cable with our unique flat structure

    Tatsuta Layer Flexible & Flat Q (TLFQ): lead wire for high-frequency induction heating
    Tatsuta Layer Flexible & Flat Q (TLFQ)(lead wire for high frequency induction heating)
    TATSUTA has developed lead wire with pre-assembled terminals to satisfy customer requirements for more easy-to-handle lead wires in the high-frequency induction heating industry. The coaxial cable is thin and flat with substantially improved flexibility, enabling easy wiring.
  • Longer life than general lead wires

    GT Lead (lead wire for barrel plating)
    GT Lead (lead wire for barrel plating)
    TATSUTA has succeeded in doubling durability, developing a GT lead that satisfies customer requirements for more durable lead wires in the plating industry. Durable lead wire reduces the downtime of a facility for replacement, thus reducing operational cost.

“ネツタフ115”, “かるまげ”, “TLFQ”, “ありタフ”, “せみタフ!”, “ドコサンミハール” are trademarks of Tatsuta Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., registered in Japan.

Electric cables for power distribution in factories, buildings, and apartment facilities

TATSUTA participated in the foundation of Sumiden HST Cable Ltd. (HS&T), a leading company providing electric wires and cables specialized for construction. As a manufacturing and distribution base of HS&T in western Japan, TATSUTA contributes to building social infrastructure.

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