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We realize safer and more reliable power supply with our high-quality electric wires and cables.

Based on technology cultivated over many years, we manufacture wires and cables for infrastructure used in power plants , contributing to the stable supply of electric power. We also supply aluminum wires to meet customer needs.

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Reliable, high-quality products that support the foundation of society

  • Low friction performance for improved ease of installation

    Low-friction cable
    Low-friction cable
    This cable is easy to install. Wiring tension is reduced by up to 80% compared to our conventional products. It is possible to eliminate wiring lubricants, extend the wiring span, and reduce the number of manholes.
  • Barcodes enabling the identification of cable systems

    Barcode-printed cables
    Barcode-printed cables
    This technology enables the acquisition of information by reading the barcode printed on the surface of the cable sheath. This allows cable systems to be instantly identified, and contributes to the early restoration of services in the event of a disaster and more efficient wiring work. Length marks and arbitrary character strings can also be printed.
Electric cables for power distribution in factories, buildings, and apartment facilities

TATSUTA participated in the foundation of Sumiden HST Cable Ltd. (HS&T), a leading company providing electric wires and cables specialized for construction. As a manufacturing and distribution base of HS&T in western Japan, TATSUTA contributes to building social infrastructure.

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