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Shohei Morimoto, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer Shohei Morimoto, Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer
Message from the President
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Shohei Morimoto Representative Director, Chief Executive Officer

Since its founding in 1947, TATSUTA Electric Wire and Cable has contributed to the development of society through the manufacture and sale of electric wires for infrastructure, including electric wires that supply the electricity we need in our daily lives and those used in power generation plants, as well as electric wires for industrial equipment used in solar power generation systems, railway-related products, factory automation and robots, and other products. At the same time, by integrating our core technologies related to conductive metals and insulating resins, which we have cultivated through relentless technological development, we have expanded our business areas to include high-performance electronic materials, liquid leakage sensors, and components for environmental analysis devices and medical equipment.

Our management philosophy is to contribute to the sustainable growth of society by providing products and services that benefit society. Accordingly, our culture of thoroughly responding to the needs of society and our customers in the development of cutting-edge technology and products is part of our company’s spirit that has been passed down from generation to generation.
In a rapidly changing social environment, we are working to create new value, focusing on renewable energy, next-generation communications, IoT, robotics, in-vehicle devices, and medical-related fields, where there is an ever-increasing need. To this end, we have taken a multifaceted approach, including not only our own technological development, but also collaborations with companies and universities with differentiated technologies, and the active promotion of our in-house new business proposal program, the T-Challenge Program.

Furthermore, based on our Corporate Code of Conduct and the recognition that conserving the global environment must be a basic element of our management approach, we strive to reduce our environmental impact by promoting resource and energy conservation, recycling, and energy creation in all aspects of our business activities.

As a technology development company, we will take on challenges in new business fields through continuous and aggressive innovation to achieve sustainable enhancement of our corporate value.

We would like to ask for your continued support and encouragement.