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The TATSUTA Group’s various cables support increasingly evolving industrial equipment including FA equipment.

We provide electric wires and cables for all types of equipment including industrial equipment, FA and robots, and video/audio equipment. We also established a local subsidiary in Shanghai, China, to provide the same quality as in Japan to our overseas customers. A combination of technical know-how among the four group companies* can address a wide range of customer needs. Four group companies: TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., Chugoku Electric Wire & Co., Ltd., Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable Co., Ltd., and Changzhou TATSUTA Chugoku Electric Wire & Co., Ltd.

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Addressing various needs with group synergies

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  • Adopting high-strength alloy produced
    with special alloying technology
    KORIKI™ high-strength cables
    KORIKI™ high-strength cables
    This product supports the sophisticated movements of the FA industry. High-strength alloy dramatically improves bending resistance and strength, effectively supporting customers in various environments, including internal wiring for industrial robots.
  • Product lineup focusing on
    flexibility and workability
    Instrument cables
    Instrument cables
    We have a wide variety of cables for connecting signal lines, from fixed parts to moving parts of control equipment and machine tools, and maintain sufficient stock for immediate shipment. We can also propose custom-made products based on our integrated production system from wire drawing to extrusion.
  • New proposal for audio and video transmission
    based on our proprietary technology
    Broadcasting cables
    Broadcasting cables
    With technology accumulated over many years, we have developed high-quality video cables as well as audio cables that convey clearer sound. Our products are used in domestic and overseas broadcasting stations, various concert halls, theaters, event spaces, etc.
  • Providing high reliability and
    a wide product lineup
    High-frequency coaxial cables
    High-frequency coaxial cables
    These cables reliably transmit video information of TVs and VTRs. They are ideal for indoor lead-in wires and antenna feeders.

"KORIKI" is a trademark of Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., registered in Japan and other countries.

About equipment wire business

Pursuing synergies of four group companies to meet diverse customer needs

Japan base Japan base
Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable Co., Ltd.
From conductor design to commercialization, the company comprehensively produces various custom-made cables such as for FA and robots with excellent bending resistance, for broadcasting that transmits high-quality video/audio, and the like. Its extensive track record wins the trust of customers.
Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Focusing on the development of global standards, the company with its accumulated technology develops and provides cables that are optimal for places with severe use conditions, including overseas standard cables that can be used all over the world.
Changzhou TATSUTA Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
The company was established to achieve Japanese quality in overseas production. Multi-standard cables and robot cables are produced and sold locally. The company responds to various customer needs such as for integrated products including terminal processing.
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