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By supplying high-performance wires and cables, Tatsuta responds to the changes in industry being demanded by society, including carbon neutrality, next-generation communications, and factory automation and robotization.

We focus on developing original products for industrial equipment in all kinds of fields, including railways, factory automation, robots, audio, and broadcasting. We respond to actual needs with our comprehensive capabilities.

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Original products inspired by customer needs

  • Ideal for wiring in narrow spaces such as data centers
    かるまげ™(Karu Mage)(KM-CC)
    かるまげ™(Karu Mage)(KM-CC), for wiring in narrow space, such as between panels
    Cables with excellent flexibility, particularly useful for wiring in narrow spaces, such as those surrounding cubicles. Adopting a thin wire configuration for the conductor, this product has a bending radius of 4D (more than 4 times the finished outer diameter), contributing to space-saving of inner panel wiring.
  • Delivering crisp video and clear audio
    Broadcasting cables
    Broadcasting cables
    We have developed high quality video cables and audio cables that deliver clearer audio using technology accumulated over many years.
  • Realizing cost saving through size reduction
    ネツタフ115™(Netsu Tough 115)((S)HKIV)
    ネツタフ115™(Netsu Tough 115)((S)HKIV)
    TATSUTA has developed a new appliance wiring material with special heat-resistant PVC insulation, featuring a conductor with maximum allowable temperature of 115℃. Allows for a reduction in size according to the installation conditions, helping save on costs. Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Cables for all purposes that meet the standards of countries around the world
    Multi-standard cables
    Multi-standard cables
    We provide connector installation and other terminal processing in addition to form-processed cables, helping shorten the time required for on-site installation.
  • Cables for solar power generation systems
    DC1500V, PV-CQ
    Conforming to Article 46 of the Interpretation of Technical Standards for Electrical Equipment , this product is halogen-free and environmentally friendly. A wide range of variations are available (PV-CQ, CQD, CQT, CQQ), as well as a corrugated type.
    600V, HCV
    This can be used at a rated voltage of 600V or less and a rated temperature of 90°C.
  • Integrated production from cable design to terminal processing
    Customized cable terminals
    Customized cable terminals
    We provide connector installation and other terminal processing in addition to form-processed cables, helping shorten the time required for on-site installation.
  • Adoption of our proprietary high-strength alloys as conductors
    KORIKI™ high-strength cables
    KORIKI™ high-strength cables
    Our high-strength alloys have dramatically improved flex resistance and strength. We support factory automation with advanced technology, and sell instrumentation cables suitable for fixed sections.
  • A wire that gives shape to the voices of farmers
    This product supports automation and labor saving inthe next generation of agriculture, created in response to requests for added convenience amongfarmers. It has excellent cold, heat and weatherresistance, and is lightweight, making it easy toinstall and use in a variety of locations.

かるまげ (Karu Mage) and ネツタフ115™ (Netsu Tough 115) are trademarks of Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., registered in Japan .

KORIKI is a trademark of Tatsuta Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., registered in Japan and other countries.

Agreable is a trademark of Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., registered in Japan.


Pursuing synergies of four group companies to meet diverse customer needs

Japan base Japan base
Tatsuta Tachii Electric Cable Co., Ltd.
From conductor design to commercialization, the company comprehensively produces various custom-made cables such as for FA and robots with excellent bending resistance, for broadcasting that transmits high-quality video/audio, and the like. Its extensive track record wins the trust of customers.
Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Focusing on the development of global standards, the company with its accumulated technology develops and provides cables that are optimal for places with severe use conditions, including overseas standard cables that can be used all over the world.
Changzhou TATSUTA Chugoku Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
The company was established to achieve Japanese quality in overseas production. Multi-standard cables and robot cables are produced and sold locally. The company responds to various customer needs such as for integrated products including terminal processing.
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