ESG TATSUTA’s Sustainability

To realize its Corporate Principles, TATSUTA continues to engage in sustainability activities under its Corporate Code of Conduct and Quality and Environment Policy, responding to the expectations of stakeholders and contributing to the sustainable and stable development of society.

Corporate Principles

Based on our core businesses of electric wire/cable and electronic materials and with overwhelming vitality and speed, TATSUTA will continuously and proactively take up the development of businesses that will lead the next generation. At the same time, we will also promote a consolidated management that is both highly conscientious and transparent, so that we may create sustainable growth and improve long-term corporate value, as well as consider global environmental problems while providing products and services with characteristics that will meet customer needs and thus also contribute to the sustainable growth and development of society.

Corporate Code of Conduct

  1. By devoting ourselves to creative and novel ideas and with an indomitable spirit, we shall develop technology and products demanded by society and our customers providing useful, safe, and superior products and services.
  2. In every aspect of our business activities, we shall seek to bring harmony between the environment and human life, recognizing that conserving the global environment is one of the most important issues faced by all peoples of the world and thus, must be a basic element of our management approach.
  3. We shall respect the character and individuality of our employees, ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment rich in diversity.
  4. We shall establish good and sound relations with interested parties outside the company, including stockholders, clients and local communities.
  5. We shall observe domestic and international laws, as well as in-house rules, in conducting fair corporate activities according to social norms and morals.
  6. We shall appropriately and fairly disclose information related to our corporate activities so as to enhance management transparency.

Quality and Environment Policy

  1. To successfully enact our corporate principles, we will continuously and appropriately strive to integrate our business processes, improve products and services, and promote environmental protection, according to our corporate code of conduct.
  2. We will observe applicable laws and regulations and customer requirements by developing and operating quality and environmental management systems based on ISO standard requirements.
  3. We will strive for quality improvement, pollution prevention, and environmental protection by extracting and responding to the risks we must address.
  4. To maintain quality and environmental management systems and enhance their performance, we will continuously improve them by implementing the PDCA cycle.

Sustainability Concept

Sustainability conceptual diagram

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs are 17 international goals for 2030 to realize sustainable, diverse and inclusive societies where “no one will be left behind,” adopted unanimously at the UN summit held in September 2015.
The TATSUTA Group is engaged in addressing the SDGs through its business activities in order to contribute to the sustainable and stable development of society.

SDGs diagram

Stakeholder Engagement

Diagram of stakeholder engagement

The TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Group actively engages in dialogue with its stakeholders. By understanding and responding to their expectations and demands, we endeavor to build sound and good relationships. We also provide comfortable workplace environments and stable livelihoods for our employees and their families.
Through dialogue with stakeholders, we aim to enhance corporate value and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

Stakeholder Engagement
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