ESG Top Commitment

We will continue to take on challenges, earnestly addressing changing customer needs and social issues to bring them to resolution.

Hiroya YamadaRepresentative Director, President and Executive Officer

Capturing change and taking on challenges unitedly

Under recent years’ unstable conditions, the TATSUTA Group continued to experience disruption in its supply chains. The impacts of soaring energy prices and raw materials costs are increasing in the wake of the Ukraine crisis, and a prolonged shortage in the supply of semiconductors.

Even in this unpredictable situation, however, we regard it as TATSUTA’s social mission and responsibility as a company to develop technologies and products to meet the needs of society and its customers, and to ensure the stable supply of products and services to support economic growth. We will carry on the corporate activities that TATSUTA has developed throughout its history, and sustainable business management. To give a specific example, in functional films and functional pastes, we are pursuing higher performance and functionality for next-generation 5G communications technology (Beyond 5G) and automotive applications in the context of a progressive shift to electric vehicles (EV), with our sights set on the next business opportunity.

We believe that society is currently undergoing irreversible changes. With social conditions facing imminent transformation, we must accurately grasp these changes and continue to take on challenges. I have had the honor to be appointed TATSUTA’s President under these conditions, and I consider it my crucial role to bring us all together to face these challenges and raise the value of the Group.

Swiftly achieving carbon neutrality

TATSUTA identified materiality items (key sustainability issues) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, and has established specific initiatives and KPIs. We earnestly engage in all issues, but we are especially focused on environmental issues, which could be perceived as particularly familiar to everybody given the recent weather phenomena.

In March 2022, we declared our support for the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. In June, we began information disclosure in line with the disclosure framework recommended by the TCFD. This is partly in response to the Prime Market listing requirements, but is also an initiative that reflects TATSUTA’s strong commitment, embodied in its efforts to address the issue of global warming over many years. Going forward, we will implement initiatives that incorporate into our management strategy the risks and opportunities to our business activities, identified based on the TCFD approach.

We now expect to be able to achieve carbon neutrality (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025, significantly ahead of the original target of 2040. With a willingness to “do what we can, now,” we have pushed ahead with specific initiatives such as the use of CO2 credits, energy-saving activities, and energy generation through the installation and expansion of solar power generation systems, in addition to shifting to CO2-free electrical power and carbon neutral LNG. Through swift actions such as these, we have been able to quickly establish relationships of trust with the electrical power companies that supply us with energy, facilitating even greater cooperation. In addition, we are also endeavoring to contribute to the establishment of a circular economy through research and development into products, manufacturing processes, and other areas, to achieve reductions in environmental impact.

Towards the creation of fulfilling workplace environments

People represent valuable assets for a company. It is the company’s responsibility to create workplace environments where employees can be hopeful of the future and enjoy a sense of fulfillment in their work. As the first step in creating such workplaces, we promote diversity and engage in initiatives such as the establishment of various programs and the cultivation of organizational culture. We believe that a broad diversity of human resources make our organization stronger, and can create new value by working together. We do our utmost in terms of employee education in particular, hoping to bring out the various talents of each individual employee. We introduced a new personnel system in April 2022. Going forward, it will no doubt be necessary to revise this system flexibly to meet the needs of each era. We live in an era of dramatic change, but this fact motivates us to actively take on challenges, foster personnel who can contribute to society, and aim to grow TATSUTA sustainably.

We are engaged in co-creation in partnership with seven startups in Japan and overseas, in fields such as electronic materials and medicine, to create new businesses that will contribute to resolving social issues. At the same time, these investments encourage employees through the involvement in the state-of-the-art technological development, providing opportunities to enhance their sense of work satisfaction. I think that this also corresponds to our 2025 Long-Term Vision.

We will continue to promote stronger corporate governance, engaging in fair corporate activities and the appropriate and fair disclosure of information, etc., to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value in the rapidly changing business environment.

Valuable information from our stakeholders

At TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable, we aspire to be the chosen supplier for our customers: we want them to think “it’s TATSUTA, so let’s go ahead and order it.” The TATSUTA Group’s strengths include comprehensive technology development, production technologies, and quality control. We also specialize in low-volume, high-mix production, with a firmly embedded culture of developing products in tandem with our customers.

To continue to work closely with our customers, I hope to create environments where our employees can engage in lively discussion with senior management, without a feeling of distance. Just as I want to get to know our employees, I also hope to be a manager who is easily understood by all. Such workplace environments will enable the creation of products unique to TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable. In this way, we aim to be a global niche top supplier.

The feedback we receive from our stakeholders is vital and important information for our corporate activities. We will take full heed of the valuable opinions and suggestions provided by stakeholders, engage in resolving social issues as we achieve corporate growth, and contribute to a sustainable society. We look forwards to your strict yet warm attention and your unwavering support.

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