ESG Social Report

Human resources management

We are committed to creating a vibrant work environment in which diverse human resources respect human rights mutually and in which each individual can exercise his or her strengths.
We are promoting various measures under the themes of “Diversity & Inclusion,” “Human Resources Management,” and “Ensuring occupational safety and health.”

Respect human rights

As an enterprise doing business globally, the TATSUTA Group respects the rights of all persons affected by our business activities. We create the necessary frameworks and carry on activities needed to raise awareness.

Diversity & inclusion

At the TATSUTA Group, we respect diversity in personnel and working styles. We aim to create workplace environments where employees can make maximum use of their individual abilities, and promote diversity & inclusion.

  • Female participation and career advancement

    Action Plan to Promote Female Participation and Career Advancement and Help Develop Next-Generation Leaders

    In April 2021, we formulated the Action Plan to Promote Female Participation and Career Advancement and Help Develop Next-Generation Leaders, building on the April 2016 Basic Policy on Female Participation and Career Advancement. Our Group companies have also established action plans. We are taking necessary steps in accordance with the basic policy of hiring women proactively, creating an environment in which all employees can reach their full potential, dedicating our resources to their education, including support for career development, and thereby actively promoting female participation and career advancement.

    Female recruitment rate

    We target a proportion of 25% or more women among new hires, and 10% or more female managers by March 31, 2026. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, women comprised 10.6% of our new hires. The average for 2016 to 2021 was 20.5%. The proportion of female employees has risen from 9.7% in 2016 to 14.6% in 2021. The ratio of female managers was 7.5% in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022. At the TATSUTA Group, women are actively engaged in fields such as sales and technical jobs.

    Graph of female recruitment rate
  • Employing persons with disabilities

    Employment rate of disabled persons

    We are also focusing on employing persons with disabilities, and striving to create environments that are work-friendly for each person based on his or her characteristics. We implement initiatives in close cooperation with our employees, and maintain a high employee retention rate. We target a proportion of employees with disabilities of 2.3% or more, and achieved a proportion of 3.11% in FY2021 (TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable on a non-consolidated basis).

    Graph of employment rate of disabled persons
  • Work-life balance

    We provide workplace environments that are work-friendly for all, by implementing enhanced systems to support childcare and care for the aged and offering diverse working styles. We have extended the special leave available to male employees upon the birth of a child from two to five days to encourage our male employees to take childcare leave.

    Table of encouraging a work-life balance
  • Preventing harassment

    The TATSUTA Group has established the necessary frameworks to foster respect for human rights. Our initiatives to thoroughly prevent harassment are shown on the right.

    • Establishing the TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Group Helpline
    • Implementing harassment prevention training for each level of employee
    • Appropriately revising and operating in-house rules
  • Initiatives to develop DX talent

    In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, we implemented DX training on a trial basis for some participants selected from each division. The aim of this trial was not only to expedite the development of core personnel to promote DX but also to validate the effectiveness of the training through surveys and interviews conducted after completion.
    The fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, will be the first year of full-scale DX training, when we will define the DX personnel, roles, and skills required by the TATSUTA Group.
    Through practical training programs, we will provide employees with opportunities to acquire the necessary skills. At the same time, by cultivating companywide DX awareness, we aim to develop a broad range of personnel to contribute to improving business operations and productivity, and key talents to lead the transformation of our business model.

    Table of initiatives to develop DX talent
Training programs

Through the TATSUTA Group’s training programs, shown below, we build the awareness and consciousness of Group employees.

Education and training system
Chart of Education and training system
  • Graded training

    We aim to enable employees to acquire the skills and knowledge needed at each level.

    • New employee training: Acquiring the basic skills of a businessperson
    • Assignment training: Learning problem-solving methods, for young employees
    • Training for new team leaders, new chiefs and section heads, and new managers: Aiming to acquire skills suited to each position
  • Next-generation development education

    We provide next-generation development education aimed at unearthing the next generation of leaders, developing core personnel, promoting a deeper understanding of management policy, and encouraging a mutual understanding of business issues through interaction between participants.
    Ten employees are selected to participate in each training. The participants not only acquire knowledge but also deepen their understanding through discussions on each theme. Consultants from our partner educational institutions assess (evaluate) participants during the training, based on their attitudes and achievements. The results of the assessment are reported back to the individual participants and their supervisors to gain an understanding of the abilities and challenges of each participant.

    Photo of a training session held in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021
    A training session held in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021
Promoting Measures for Safety and Health

The mental and physical health of employees is the Group’s first priority, and we have implemented measures for safety and health.

  • Safety and health management policies
    1. Deepen safety and health improvement investments
    2. Steadily implement key initiatives for safety and health activities
    3. Foster and embed a culture of safety

    Key initiatives

    Table of key initiatives
  • Safety and health management framework

    At the TATSUTA Group, we have established a framework for the promotion of safety and health measures.

    Table of safety and health management framework
  • Status of occupational accidents, etc.

    Safety and health targets and results (results are for the TATSUTA Group)
    Table of safety and health targets and results
  • Safety activities

    Holding a safety lecture

    On February 8, 2022, we held our third safety lecture online, on the theme of “The Latest Trends in Occupational Accidents and Corporate Response Measures.” The lecture was attended by approximately 180 employees, mainly in management positions. Feedback from those who attended included opinions such as “I gained a greater awareness of safety through specific content such as accident case studies from TATSUTA and other companies.”

    Opening of the TATSUTA Electric Wire & Cable Hands-on Danger Education Center

    This center offers simulated experiences of the potential dangers hidden in everyday work. Its objective is to increase the danger awareness of workers and managers, to prevent accidents from occurring. In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, 179 employees from the Osaka Works participated in training here. In the future, we will expand the scope of employees eligible for training to include other business sites and Group companies.

    Photo of a training session
    A training session
    Photo of experiencing the danger of being caught in machinery
    Experiencing the danger of being caught in machinery
    Safety and health improvement investments

    To prevent serious disasters and accidents, it is necessary to take steps such as reviewing the way we work and upgrading equipment. At the TATSUTA Group, we have worked since the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021 to identify safety and health issues and implement investment in accordance with the importance and urgency of these issues. We will continue to address these issues appropriately, aiming to create safe workplace environments.

    [Examples of investment projects]
    • Installed an automatic raw materials supply pump in the compounding chamber (Sendai Works)
    • Installed a coating monitoring system in the coater head chamber (Sendai Works)
    Table of safety and health improvement investments
    Risk assessment

    At the TATSUTA Group, we conduct risk assessments and implement measures based on the results of these assessments. We hold risk assessment workshops led by external instructors to learn the skills required to ascertain potential dangers and hazards in the workplace and implement countermeasures. We also conduct risk assessments for equipment and chemical substances whenever appropriate, and endeavor to prevent occupational accidents.

    Photo of risk assessment carried out at the TTC
    Risk assessment carried out at the TTC
    Photo of risk assessment workshop
    Risk assessment workshop
    Initiatives to prevent accidents

    At our Osaka Works, we carry out a “patrol for disaster and accident eradication,” focusing on intersections within the grounds of the works. We also hold safety seminars for internal forklift and reach truck drivers, and endeavor to raise safety awareness.

    Photo of a patrol for disaster and accident eradication
    A patrol for disaster and
    accident eradication
    Photo of a forklift safety seminar
    A forklift safety seminar
  • Support and enhance mental and physical health

    Initiatives for mental health

    The TATSUTA Group recognizes supporting and enhancing mental health as an important issue, and emphasizes caring for the mental health of its employees. Annual stress checks are carried out with the aim of preventing mental health disorders. In addition to promoting employees’ awareness, we endeavor to reduce sources of workplace stress using group analysis. We also provide regular training for managers and others to enable them to learn about mental health, as an initiative to care for mental health in the workplace.

    [Training themes in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022]
    • For managers: Unconscious bias
    • Consultation service representatives: Preventing harassment in the workplace
    Establishing consultation services
    Industrial physician consultations
    Industrial physicians conduct consultations for employees at each major facility, including post-health check interviews, medical consultations, consultations regarding leave, return to work, and stress check responses. In addition, industrial physicians interview employees who engage in overtime work exceeding a designated level to prevent health disorders resulting from excessive workload.
    Mental Wellbeing Counseling Rooms
    We engage in preventing mental health disorders and supporting employees returning to work through counseling by counselors.
    COVID-19 measures

    To tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19, the TATSUTA Group is continuing to work to ensure both business continuity and the safety of employees and their families. Moving forward, we will continue strict epidemic countermeasures in an effort to ensure the safety of all stakeholders, prevent the spread of infections, and meet our duty to supply customers.

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