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Special Feature Approaches to DX Digital Transformation

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in changes to society and had various impacts on business activities. In this climate, the TATSUTA Group’s policy is to expand business opportunities by promoting digital transformation. We are pushing forward, swiftly and proactively, encouraging change without fearing failure, across five major themes: (1) strengthening BCP systems, (2) reforming our style of sales and marketing, (3) reforming our style of operations, (4) reforming production efficiency and quality, and (5) reforming organization and human resources.
This special feature presents some of the DX initiatives that TATSUTA is pursuing.

  1. 01.Strengthening of
    BCP systems
    Inresponse to the COVID-19 pandemic, under the Group policy of ensuring the safety of employees and society through strict transmission prevention measures and meeting its supply responsibilities to customers, the TATSUTA Group formulated business continuity plans (BCP) for responding to COVID-19 in all business locations. We also undertook a range of measures to prevent cluster outbreaks, including promoting remote work with the aim of reducing opportunities for person-to-person contact and spreading out functions and operations, limiting meeting attendee numbers and shifting to webmeetings, and staggering dining hall access times. To cooperate with local communities, we donated a total of 30 million yen and 30,000 face masks to municipalities where TATSUTA manufacturing sites are located, and signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Higashiosaka City, the home of TATSUTA Head Office.
    Further, to combat the risk of cyber-attacks, which have become a major problem amid the growing informatization and networking of society, we are working on information security measures, including cybersecurity, and building frameworks for the reduction of risk and strengthening of emergency response.
  2. 02.Reform of sales and
    marketing style
    To continue identifying customers’ needs quickly and providing products and services that contribute to society even amid the constraints placed on sales and marketing activities by the COVID-19 pandemic, we actively incorporated remote means and opportunities for communication. In addition to accommodating customers’ requirements for various web-meeting systems, we also expanded our communications and other hardware, setting up systems that allowed the same level of communication as in-person communications. Also, through the use of new telecommunications tools, including the revamping of Group companies’ websites, webbased online trade exhibitions, posting of product presentation videos on YouTube, and distributing e-newsletters, we aim to broadcast information about our products and services widely, including to potential customers, and establish new business styles.
  • Appearance of an online trade exhibition
    Online trade exhibition
  • image of Product presentation video
    Product presentation video
  • AI chatbot
    AI chatbot
  1. 03.Reform of
    operational style
    In addition to establishing systems that will allow almost all administrative processing operations to be conducted remotely through the systematization of operations, including the expansion of mobile PCs, smartphones, and other hardware and the introduction of electronic approvals, we will promote the use of robotic process automation (RPA) and the transition to databases, among other measures, to improve the efficiency and quality of administrative processing and achieve its standardization. Going forward, we will pursue the establishment of environments and training that will allow easy access to and use of data infrastructure and analysis and visualization tools, to move forward in our shift to higher value-added operations.
  2. 04.Reform of production
    efficiency and quality
    Because our products and services are used in electronic equipment that is essential to key infrastructure and community life, it is our social duty to deliver high quality and stable supply.
    The TATSUTA Group is working on the digital transformation of its production processes with the aim of high-efficient, safe, and consistent production of high-quality products.
    Central control of inventory with QR codes, systems for automated measurement and calculation of test data, automated collection of manufacturing results and operational data, etc., construction of systems for collection of location information of finished and semi-finished products, and the use of data for the detection and improvement of defective processes are some of the ways in which DX is being pursued. We are also actively engaged in the automation of processes that have a high labor burden as a means of improving both the safety and efficiency of operations.
  3. 05.Reform of organization
    and human resources
    The digitalization of society and lifestyle has brought about major changes in working styles and the nature of work, our people have become more diverse, and changes are occurring in comfortable workplace environments.
    The TATSUTA Group aims to reform its human resources and organization so that they can make full use of digital tools to execute highly efficient and high value-added operations. We are reviewing our personnel systems and developing education and training programs to create the environment to achieve this aim.
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