Investor relations Disclosure policy

Tatsuta Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. discloses information to its shareholders and investors in a timely, accurate and fair manner.

Basic Policy

The Company discloses information in compliance with the Timely Disclosure Rules (“TDR”) stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (“TSE”). In addition, the Company's basic policy is to disclose even information that does not fall under the TDR as actively and fairly as possible in an appropriate manner, if such information is judged to help investors to understand the Company's business.

Information Disclosure Methods

After registering and disclosing information that falls under the TDR on TDnet (“Timely Disclosure network”) provided by the TSE, the Company posts it on its website immediately. It also discloses information that does not fall under the TDR by posting it on its website.

Forward-looking statement

The forward-looking statements on this website concerning forecasts and outlook are based on information available to the Company at the time of disclosure. They neither promise nor guarantee the realization of numerical targets and measures by the Company. Please note that actual performance and financial results may be different from these forecasts and outlook due to various risks and uncertain factors in the future.

Quiet Period

To ensure the fairness of information disclosure to investors, the Company mandates a silent period that commences from the day following the last day of each quarter until the day for announcing its financial results. During the period, the Company shall refrain from answering or commenting on questions regarding financial results and forecasts. However, if its financial results are expected to significantly depart from its forecast during the silent period, the Company shall appropriately disclose information in compliance with the TDR.

Other Consideration Points

When you search the Company's information on this website, please read not only this Disclosure Policy but also the Disclaimer separately posted on this website.

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