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Cables for FA and robots KORIKI™ high-strength cables (UL Standards)

KORIKI™ high-strength cables (UL Standards)

FA and robot cables that adopted a unique high-strength copper alloy as the conductor


  • Fine wire made of high-strength copper alloy to provide superior flex and twist durability used for conductors.
  • Tensile strength 2.2 times higher than pure copper wire.
  • Available insulation types include heat resistant vinyl and cross-linked polyethylene insulation, as well as ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene resin) insulation with high bending durability.
  • Shielding with high flex durability and high flexibility available, depending on application and usage conditions.
  • In many usage conditions, the standard heat and oil resistant, low friction vinyl sheath is applicable. There is also other sheathing with outstanding weld spatter and flame retardancy, as well as special sheathing with solvent resistance and low outgassing properties.
  • Complies with RoHS Directive* Eco-friendly (halogen free) type also available
    *Restriction on Hazardous Substances
     (environmental regulation restricting use of specific hazardous substances)
    *RoHS2 Compliance pending
  • Certified under UL standards
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