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Silver Wire

Bonding wire that takes advantage of silver’s unique characteristics. Silver bonding wires have expanded their market rapidly in recent years, particularly in the fields of LEDs and memory, where copper wires are not usable as an alternative to gold wires.

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With a command of alloying and production technology developed and improved in our gold wire production, TATSUTA has developed a wide variety of silver wire in response to various potential applications.
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  • For LED applications
    For LED applications
    • 5% higher light intensity than gold wire
    • Enables FAB design with N2 gas only
    • Excellent joining properties with gold pads
    • Long-term reliability equivalent to gold wire
  • For IC applications
    • Enables stable continuous bonding under the same conditions as gold wire
    • Restrains chip damage
    • BSOB (Ball Stitch on Ball) is easily carried out
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