ESG Social Report

Contribution to society

The TATSUTA Group believes that to achieve its sustainable growth, the Group must contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, not only by providing products and services needed to sustain an affluent society and solve social issues but also by establishing itself in local communities where it operates, creating jobs, and playing the role required of community members. To that end, we share the challenges and needs of the local communities, and promote activities that contribute to their sustainable development and fulfilling lifestyles for all people in fields, including local contribution, welfare, education, and local environment.

Local contribution

Helping combat COVID-19

To help local communities combat COVID-19, in June 2020 TATSUTA donated a total of 30 million yen and 30,000 face masks to five municipalities: Higashiosaka City in Osaka Prefecture; cities of Kizugawa and Fukuchiyama in Kyoto Prefecture; Miyagi Prefecture; and Taiwa Town in Miyagi Prefecture. We also donated 2,000 face masks to the Izumi social welfare corporation.

  • The donation ceremony held in Higashiosaka City, Osaka prefecture
  • The donation ceremony held in Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • The donation ceremony held in Izumi social welfare corporation
  • The donation ceremony held in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • The donation ceremony held in Taiwa Town in Miyagi Prefecture
Donations to respective municipalities
Concluding a comprehensive partnership agreement with Higashiosaka City
A scene from the agreement ceremony with Higashi Osaka City
The signing ceremony

On February 25, 2021, TATSUTA and Higashiosaka City signed a comprehensive partnership agreement that covers seven fields: (1) human rights, coexistence, and cooperation; (2) children and childcare; (3) education; (4) sports, culture, and industry; (5) health and welfare; (6) city and the environment; and (7) emergency preparedness and public security. TATSUTA’s primary initiatives under the agreement are twofold: utilizing our gymnasium to cooperate in times of emergency, for our basketball team to host mini-basketball competitions and clinics, and to help nurseries and kindergartens hold a field day; and putting our expertise in the employment of disabled persons into use to help them find jobs.


TATSUTA leverages its many years of experience in the employment of disabled persons to support their self-reliance.

Providing work experience opportunities for disabled persons

Our Head Office and Osaka Works provided a work experience program for persons with disabilities frequenting Repira, a Higashiosaka municipal facility to support disabled children and adults. The participants experienced beautification work inside the buildings and around the Works. The Sendai Works also offered a work experience opportunity to a special-school student, who was engaged chiefly in beautifying the buildings and mowing the grass.

Appearance of participant in a work experience program
A participant in a work experience program
Assistance through welfare organizations

The TATSUTA Technical Center provides the Izumi social welfare corporation with opportunities to sell breads to TATSUTA employees. Similarly, TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center commissions the Koyukai social welfare corporation to package the calendars and make cloth face masks.

Cloth face masks made at the social welfare corporation
Cloth face masks made at the
social welfare corporation


Work experience program for junior high schoolers

On October 29 and 30, 2020, TATSUTA implemented a two-day work experience program at the Head Office and Osaka Works, inviting two second-year students from Higashiosaka Municipal Tamagawa Junior High School. The students were engaged in stocktaking, beautification, and paperwork.

Appearance of stocktaking as part of the work experience program
Stocktaking as part of the work experience program
Cooperation with College of Analytical Chemistry, Japan

TATSUTA Environmental Analysis Center participated online in the College of Analytical Chemistry’s company presentation sessions, as a lecturer presenting TATSUTA’s environmental measurement certification business. It also cooperated with the filming of the college’s promotional video.

Appearance of cooperating with the filming of a promotional video
Cooperating with the filming of a promotional video

Local environment

Beautification activities around plants

We engage in regular beautification activities, such as picking up litter and removing weeds, mainly along the roads around our Head Office, Osaka Works, TATSUTA Technical Center, Kyoto Works and Sendai Works.

Cleanup activities
A beautification activity
ECOCAP movement

We collect plastic bottle caps by installing collection boxes positioned around our facilities. We were able to collect 195.4 kg of bottle caps company-wide in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. We also promote a variety of other recycling activities.

A collection box for plastic bottle caps
A collection box for plastic bottle caps
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